I help small businesses and creative entrepreneurs. Sometimes I serve as your design conscience and [brand] therapist.

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How's it all going?  It can get overwhelmingbelieve me, I know! That's why I launched Sarah Janeto help small businesses, business owners, creatives and entrepreneurs.

Sometimes I serve as a friend to hug. Sometimes I serve as your design conscience and cheerleader to inspire you to keep going or help you tweak your messaging so you stay on track. Other times I help with your new website, social media, brand identity and corporate identity (you know, business cards and whatnot).


My Mission & Vision

A boutique agency with a big heart.

I'm passionate about graphic design and obsessed with paper and printing. I'm also super organized. In short, I'm your Brand Therapistcombining creativity and smart decision making, with the patience to listen and help clients problem solve the direction of their business, or why that turtle on your business card is not relevant!

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My Business Packages & Pricing

I work mostly with small businesses, bloggers and creative entrepreneurs with big aspirations. All of my services are offered at a flat-rate packaged cost, tailored to: Those just starting out, Those ready for the next step, and Those established brands ready for daily hands-on assistance.

In addition, several of my services are available at an hourly rate.

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My Brand Therapy

Looking for a bit of extra support or creative inspiration?

In addition, I offer what I like to call Brand Therapy business coaching, where we focus in on your brand strategy, the mission and vision of your company, and how we can ensure this year is your best year yet.

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About SJ

I focus on helping businesses, creative entrepreneurs, and bloggers. My ideal client is in fact, just like me!

I understand your struggle and understand your budget. I care about a work-life balance, so I strive to keep my prices cost-effective for you. And in turn, you ignore the yoga pants I might wear to the next meetingwhether Skype or In-Person!



“Don't bunt. Aim out of the ballpark. Aim for the company of immortals.”

— David Ogilvy


Smart Design

I offer all the standard services you'll find at a traditional advertising agency or design firm, plus a bit of the smaller services I find necessary and crucial, such as brainstroming about your brand over a cup of coffee [or glass of wine!]